Therapeutic Indications

Your medical spa for treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive, musculoskeletal and respiratory apparatuses.

Digestive Apparatus
The Monte Real medicinal Water has a stimulating action of the bowel and gallbladder. It should be noted that this therapeutic action remains active far beyond the treatment period, and sometimes its effect is felt only after completing the therapy.

Locomotor Apparatus - Rheumatoid / Muscle - Skeletal 
The existing sulfur in the Thermal Water is absorbed through the skin, making it beneficial for the joints to fight against its natural degenerative processes.

Respiratory Apparatus
The sulfur component of the Thermal Water provides a desensitizing action on the mucosa upper airways.

Through puffs you can experience improvements in sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and sore. 

List of Thermal Clinical Treatments - Thermal Water Ingestion

Active Thermal Pool

        • Whirlpool
        • Immersion bath
        • Air bubble bath
        • Bath immersion / underwater
        • Scottish shower
        • Circular Shower
        • Shower Massage - Vichy

        • Inhalation
        • Simple spray
        • Inhalation and aerosol (Children)


  • High frequency
  • Shortwave
  • Ultrasound
  • Infra-red
  • Pressotherapy

Other Treatments:
        • Enteroclysis
        • Drop by drop

        • Associated Enteroclysis
        • Associated Drop by drop

        • Moist heat
        • Located lamas envolvement
        • Partial massage
        • Full body massage


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